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newbornsleepbrownMy blog is displayed in chronological order rather than reverse-chronological order to facilitate reading my featured 24-part series High Risk: Truth, Lies, & Birth (click to read Introduction/Part 1) in the correct order. This means that new posts will appear at the *end* of the blog instead of at the beginning. This page, on the other hand, places the newest posts on top, so if you’re a regular visitor you can easily see what’s new:

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Malpractice Insurance

Placenta Pills

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How I Got In (Section 1 of 3-Part Series)

A Doula’s “Thrilling” Home Birth Experience

High Risk: Truth, Lies, & Birth (Introduction / Part 1) blog series starts here

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What’s New?

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2 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. I have question for you. Do you think that midwifery as practiced in British Columbia, Canada, is a responsible, ethical way of practicing midwifery? Would it behoove other regions of North America to follow suit? I have to agree that there is quite a passionate following around midwifery. Is there a way of changing the system so it could be ethical?

    1. Janine, there is one high-quality study (Janssen 2009) that indicates that in a well-regulated system with strict risk-out criteria and hospital-trained midwives who provide true continuity of care at both home and hospital, outcomes (for truly low-risk women) are at least as safe as in hospitals. I don’t think that one quality study is enough to draw definite conclusions from, but I do think that it is a great indication that there may be a possible safe system for home birth midwifery. I am interested in the possibility of expanding the CM (Certified Midwife) credential and expanding access to CNMs for American women. I’d like to see more studies done in Canada as well.

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