I, the Exception (Part 21)


I, the Exception   Both mothers and midwives are guilty of falling under the spell of the “personal fable,” a term that refers to a person’s perception of herself as unique and special. People tend to think of themselves as

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Money Talks (Part 20)

Money in hand

Money Talks   The world of direct-entry midwifery suffers from a significant “funding bias,” a term that describes people’s propensity to emphasize positives and downplay misgivings about the entity that is providing them with money. Midwives make 100% of their

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More Justification (Part 19)


More Justification   Self-justification kicks into overdrive when we have made an important decision, especially when that decision is irrevocable. As Tavris and Aronson state, “The more costly a decision, in terms of time, money, effort, or inconvenience, and the

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Justification (Part 17)

footsteps in snow

Justification   Why are women so overwhelmingly satisfied with nonhospital birth? It is likely that the answer lies in the unavailability of effective pain control. This may sound ridiculous on its face: how could a more painful experience lead to

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Original Survey Research (Part 16)


Original Survey Research In the winter of 2015 I conducted an online survey of 1,057 women regarding their experiences, attitudes, and beliefs regarding nonhospital births. These women were recruited via Facebook, including in groups that targeted women interested in the

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Why? (Part 15)


Why?   In my new life as a student of psychology, I want to understand why people make the decisions that they do. The research is clear that nonhospital birth with a midwife reduces obstetric interventions but substantially increases risk

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