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Daxton’s Midwife Testifies


Baby Daxton was born at the Carolina Community Maternity Center in January 2015 and died the same day. I have worded this account based on notes I took during midwife Christine Strothers’ testimony at the coroner’s inquest. It tells the story

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Daxton’s Father Testifies


Baby Daxton was born at the Carolina Community Maternity Center, the birth center in Fort Mill, South Carolina, that I used to own. He died shortly after his birth on January 20th, 2015. On June 4th at the coroner’s inquest,

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It Could Have Been Me


I spent my day at the York County courthouse at a coroner’s inquest to determine the manner of death of a baby that was born at my old birth center in January. The jury of six was given four options

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Why I’m Guilty

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None of my births ever really ended badly. There were some complications, of course. A heaping handful of c-sections, a few severe tears. A couple of babies who needed brief hospitalization. But when it was all said and done, I

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